Release Notes


  • AI Integration - Utilise our AI integration to ask it anything karting related, particularly useful for baseline setups.


  • Data Analysis Suite Alfano Integration - Alfano data is now able to be imported into KartSetups and analysed in the data analysis suite.


  • Data Analysis Suite - First version of the data analysis suite has been released. This includes the ability to import AIM data and study it against sessions in the suite itself.


  • Meeting Summary - UI updates and fixed the graphs drawing laptimes with no value
  • Added Amplitude - Groundwork for Amplitude has been finished
  • Future updates - Finished groundwork for some exciting future updates.


  • Axle length and Track temp new fields - You can now record axle length and track temp in sessions.
  • Lap time UI - Lap time inputs now bigger on mobile for better input.
  • Meeting name included in compare setups - As this list gets bigger it can be hard to find the setups you want to compare and so the meeting name is now also shown in brackets in the dropdown.
  • Fastest laps graphs - Fastest laps graphs now ignore any laptimes not recorded so they dont appear as 0.


  • Android app - Ground work completed for our Android app beta test stage.
  • Upload of Alpha results file - The Alpha Timing lap results file can now be uploaded to a session from the laps button making it quick and easy to add race lap times to a session.
  • Session file storage - You can now upload files to a session, whether that be settings, race studio files or GoPro vids.
  • Spark plugs - Added spark plugs to sessions.
  • Transponder numbers - You can now store these in your profile or if a team you can store them on Drivers.
  • Fixed sprocket inputs - On mobile these were too small and so these have been enlarged.
  • 100cc class - Added 100cc to classes in sessions.


  • Meeting Export - Added the ability to export meeting sessions via a new Export button in the meetings page. This will download an Excel file with the sessions tabbed.
  • Manually adding laps - Laps can now be manually added to be displayed in the laps area of sessions.
  • Copy session changes - Removed some values from the copy session feature that would naturally change every session to remove any needless deleting of data.
  • Fast stopwatch fix - In certain scenarios the stopwatch feature would run faster than usual, this has now been fixed.


  • Classes added - Prokart and IAME Water Swift Restricted added to classes.
  • Tyre usage - Now displays laps used next to the tyre set in Tyres. Used the session total laps for this.
  • UI changes - Session and Compare Setups have had UI updates to better display certain values.


  • Tyre barcode uploads - File uploads/photos can now be uploaded from any device allowing easy storage of tyre barcodes.
  • Stopwatch best lap fix - Best lap from the stopwatch now gets recorded when laps are saved against a session.
  • New session vars - Added front torsion bar, seat stays, 4th rail and ackerman.
  • Tyre pressure colours - Accessibility colours added to the hot and cold tyre pressures.
  • Notifications unlocked - Notifications are now fully unlocked, will start sending news out shortly.
  • Added Rowrah to default tracks.


  • New pair option for purchase - We've realised that a lot of families/drivers out there might be running 2 drivers but the Teams unlimited option doesn't make sense. The pair option has the same features as the Teams but only allows 2 drivers and 2 mechanics.
  • New stopwatch feature phase 1 - Added a stopwatch in tools with haptic feedback for timing 1 driver. The laps recorded can also be saved against a session and viewed with the new laps button. Phase 2 will include timing multiple drivers.
  • Notifications phase 1 - The groundwork for device notifications has been completed, you can sign up for these in the notifications section in your profile.
  • Compare Setup accessibility colour options - To cater for users with issues seeing certain colours you can now set these in the profile for use within the compare setups feature.
  • New Exhausts in equipment - You can now store multiple exhausts and save these within a session.
  • Classes added to Session - You can now select from a dropdown of classes in a session.
  • Sprocket changes - Sprocket is now split into front and rear sprocket and this also allows calculation of the ratio on the fly.
  • Multiple validation and UI fixes.


  • View recent checklists button
  • Validate no fields on a checklist
  • Fixed team graph dates rendering
  • Notifications page added


  • New compare setups feature under tools, allows you to compare 2 setups side by side.
  • Changed the laptime inputs back to text due to iOS not fully supporting time!
  • 2 security updates.
  • Fixed a date sorting bug with sessions.