About Us

Hi! My name is Glenn Guest and I'm the creator of KartSetups. 

I've used my 10+ years of software development experience coupled with my 20+ years of karting experience to build KartSetups. After becoming frustrated on many practice and race days while rushing around and forgetting to write down my setups manually and losing valuable information in the process, I decided enough was enough. In late 2022 I started on the very first lines of code and developed a very basic prototype for my personal use. After mentioning this to a few fellow drivers I realised I might actually be building something useful that solves a problem many of us karters face.

Since then we entered a fantastic beta testing stage at the beginning of 2023 and made the system robust and added some really cool features and then successfully launched in April 2023. Data is key and having this stored in a way that means drivers and teams can easily analyse this is a very important ethos. I hope to keep working with the great karting community to add features and make KartSetups as useful as it can be.