Data Storage


The main areas utilised for data storage are Meetings and Sessions. A meeting can have multiple sessions across any time range. The meetings page also gives a quick rundown summary of data stored within sessions.

Sessions is where the bulk of the data storage will reside. In here you can store all the main data regarding kart setups you can think of. This is quite in depth for the users that want a great level of granularity however, if you want a more simplified version then simply switch to the simplified session layout in your profile. Weather details can also be pulled in via an API integration we utilise which saves having to gather this data yourself and works off of your devices location as long as this is allowed.

Tracks simply allows you to store the tracks that we do not provide as part of our default list. We also helpfully allow you to store a simple starter setup in case you need to reference this when arriving at the track. In the future the default lists will cater for more tracks in different countries.


All data storage for equipment is stored within the Equipment dropdown. In here you can store, Karts, Engines, CarbsTyres and Exhausts. This data is referenced within the sessions allowing you to easily switch between equipment as you do equipment changes as part of your routine.

EnginesCarbs and Tyres also helpfully track their time usage as long as the session length/laps fields are filled in within sessions. This then allows you to log when a rebuild has taken place along with the type of rebuild it was and continue to monitor the amount of time an engine or carb is used. Tyres track via laps and disply this within the tyres page.